Cro-Magnon enters the 21st century

“you will be a fugitive and a wanderer
on the earth”
Genesis 4:12

A voice is echoing from the caves.
The ground is whispering, “Abel.”
There is ringing in his ear.
Domed brow wrinkles, a mark
that binds him to life by death.

In the river sands, which lead
through estuaries out to brooding sea,
he wanders, mourning; seeking
the spoor of Neandertal,
buried tenderly in flowers.

Flowers to bloom again in the rising light.
A dim mind wrestles, wondering
what fruit will be born
out of soil made rich
with a brother’s blood.


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2 responses to “Cro-Magnon enters the 21st century

  1. brendan38

    Great imagery in this!

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