Zeno’s arrival


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4 responses to “Zeno’s arrival

  1. snorkeling fabulist

    I liked this poem. Just thought I’d ask if you’ve read Anne Carson’s ‘Autobiography of Red’?

    • Yes, indeed, I have. I loved that book. But if there is a connection, it was completely unconscious. I’ll have to go back now and look at it to see if I can see why you asked.

  2. Hi, great day! Your work is quite inspiring. I never thought that it was feasible to carry out something like that until after I looked over your page. You certainly gave a great understanding on how this whole scheme functions. I’ll always return for more advice. Keep writing!

    • Not sure which you are refering to, here. . . Did you mean the problem of exploring a philosophical question in a poem? I think metaphysics (and physics, for that matter) gives us great material for poems. What makes them work for me is if the poem doesn’t take on a didactic air, but instead uses the metaphysical (or physical) problem as a vehicle to also look at (or an overlay through which to look at) the everyday problems of living, loving, and dying.
      Not sure if that addresses what you’re thinking about. In any case, thanks for reading, and yes, please do keep coming back.

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