after Rumi


Just say it.
Say it now, say it quick;
don’t dissemble, pretend
you don’t know
what you know you know.

Speak. Speak quickly;
speak your knowing;
sing it to the dancing shadows.

You know, you’ve known,
in the marrow of your bone,
in your fingernails, in your guts.
in your hair, your sweat,
your shit.

You know, you’ve always known
since the first time you said “no”;
since before, when you were a sperm,
swimming, an egg,

Since that moment
when the stars exploded into being,

since you heard the air
whispering to the cedars.

You know, now.
You hear it,
in the singing
of cicadas.

There is only one word
of which the universe
is sinewed:


Just say it.



Filed under poetry

2 responses to “Yes

  1. anitamohan

    This poem has a lot of momentum, Nick. It’s very original in what it (seems to me to say) about Rumi/ecstasy.

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