ear of a blackbird

I want to talk to you
I want

you to talk to me
you to talk to you
you to hear me
I want

to hear

there are thirteen blackbirds
Wallace Stevens to fly

thirty thousand poets
in a blackbird’s eye

I want
you here

I offer you these:
deciduous clavicle vitreous scapular
candescent ventricle constellatory nimbus
plexus: cervical brachial solar lumbar sacral
sacroiliac sacrosanct epiphanic coriander coniferous
vertiginous antiphonal juvenescent ascender
polyandrous zygotic phylogenic philogyny—

there are more, of course
not all can be recorded here
these are essential

blackbirds need none of them
can fly

poets are rapacious
a glittering
in the prism
of a blackbird’s eye

to listen
to hear
requires these words
these, and their sisters, their brothers
and the breath between them

all rolled into night
into soft and vibrant
into dark shimmering
into fluttering


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