April fool’s meditation

I.       Merlin wandered hickoried hillsides,
Ceridwen’s pig his wild last companion,
his grunting beloved  and pignuts
rooted within his brain
till writhing cerebellum birthed
relentless words piled end-on-end.

A torrent of phrase haunts all sleep,
has climbed its banks and washes
over muddied rocks  the slippery stumbling
of toes on a path

where hickories grow
out of Merlin’s brain

II.      In medieval Russia there wandered
peasant monks who could not put one word
before another  rough-robed and barefoot
surviving on begged black bread
“Fools for Christ” they were called

on their lips an endless prayer
a circle bound of words

to banish words
a wilderness of words
that might otherwise lead
a spiraled ladder upward
out of mind

III.    There is madness disguised
that skulks behind the words
of popes and princes
and poets and paupers

and there is madness
such as Merlin’s
that brings us finally
into the companionship of pigs

IV.    And pigs shall lead us  in slow
and grunting time
to Cernunnos  antlered and oak-crowned
seated yogic at the World Tree

whose supple limbs are fruited
with the stars  whose tap-root
reaches into Ceridwen’s core

the maelstrom of formless words
and worlds
where Merlin fell
and falling  found
all things



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2 responses to “April fool’s meditation

  1. Nick, this is amazing!!! Love it!

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